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Backflow Preventer Maintenance Tips for Property Owners

Let’s talk about backflow preventer maintenance. No need for fancy talk; we'll keep it simple and practical. After all, it's about keeping your drinking water safe. Let's get started.

1. Visual Inspection

Start with a visual check. Look for signs of damage or wear on your backflow preventer. It's like giving it a once-over to ensure everything looks good.

2. Keep Your Backflow Preventer Clear

Maintain a clear space around your preventer. Don't store stuff around it, and keep vegetation trimmed. This helps with access for testing and prevents damage.

3. Regular Testing

Regular testing is key. Hire a pro (like us!) to check your preventer annually. It ensures everything is working as it should and helps identify issues early.

4. Know Your Shutoff Valve

Locate and mark your water shutoff valve. In case of an emergency or repairs, knowing how to shut off your water can prevent further damage.

5. Protect from Freezing

In cold climates like Utah, preventers can freeze. Wrap it with insulation to avoid damage during winter.

6. Avoid Chemicals

Don't use harsh chemicals near your preventer. Chemical exposure can damage the components. Stick to natural solutions for nearby plants and weeds.

7. Professional Repairs

If you suspect a problem, don't DIY it. Call a professional (like us, again!) for repairs. Trying to fix it yourself might make things worse.

8. Keep Records

Keep records of maintenance and testing dates. It helps with tracking and ensures you don't miss a crucial check.

Here's the deal: If your backflow preventer isn't well-maintained, contaminants could get into your drinking water. And that's a big no-no. It might lead to water shutoffs or fines. We're all about preventing that.

So, there you have it—eight simple maintenance tips to keep your backflow preventer in top shape. No need for corporate jargon; just practical advice to keep your drinking water safe.

Remember, Clearwater Backflow Services has your back in Salt Lake County, Summit County, Tooele County, and Davis County, Utah. We're here to ensure your water stays crystal clear and worry-free.

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