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The #1 Backflow Tester in the State of Utah

With over 4,500 backflow devices tested annually, you can count on us to test yours, too.

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"Clearwater has done sprinkling system/backflow preventer work and inspections for me for the last eight years.  My experience with Phil has been excellent!  He's pre-emptive, on time as scheduled, performs tasks as required, leaves work areas clean and as expected."

Celestino Leal

“Clearwater has been performing my pressurized irrigation system’s backflow assembly inspection for the past 5 years. He does a great job each time, charges a fair price, and provides excellent customer service..”

Larry Furr

"Phil is amazing to work with. He is extremely professional and does fantastic work. He even took the time to explain how the system worked and what he does to winterize/de-winterize my sprinkler back flow. I can't imagine working with anyone else!" 

Nate Roberson

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Have you ever seen one of these 'weird pipe things'?


Backflow is a plumbing phenomenon with potentially serious consequences for your water supply, health, and safety. Understanding what backflow is and how it occurs is essential for maintaining the purity and integrity of the public water supply.

What is backflow?

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Backflow is the undesirable reversal of water flow in a plumbing system. In a correctly functioning plumbing system, water should flow in one direction, from the main supply into your home or property. Backflow occurs when water reverses its course, moving from your plumbing system back into the clean water supply. This reversal can be caused by various factors, and it's a critical issue to address.

Backflow prevention devices are required on all buildings connected to public water systems. These devices (along with regular testing to make sure they are working properly) prevent backflow from occuring and contaminating the public water supply.


Backflow is a plumbing phenomenon that every property owner and business owner should be aware of. Many of our clients are city governments as well.

By understanding what backflow is and the risks it poses, you can take the necessary steps to prevent it and protect your water supply and the public health.

If you have concerns about backflow or require backflow testing and prevention services, reach out to our experts for guidance and assistance.

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